Web Design Trends for Summer 2020

The web design world is constantly changing and 2020 is no different. This year we are seeing a vast range of different trends, all adding up to create something spectacular and unique. Websites have never looked better, and they continue to improve thanks to these extraordinary web design trends you can see below.

Dark mode

A lot of websites embraced the white, vibrant colors for their design. But recently an obsession with dark modes started to appear. Yes, 2020 is definitely the year when many websites choose to have a dark mode, and it’s definitely suiting them. If you want a proper web design trend for this summer, then integrating dark mode makes a lot of sense.

Extreme minimalism for navigation

Years ago, websites were cluttered and people found it hard to browse them. Now things are different, there’s a lot of focus on minimalism. Not only does the website look better and more polished, but the truth is that the navigation is improved. It really brings in amazing results, and the outcome is incredible because of that.

Luminous or glowing colors

You don’t want your web design to be stale and not that interesting. Adding in this type of colors brings more attention to the design. It also makes your website unique and different, and the payoff alone is staggering because of that.

White space

This summer we noticed that a lot of websites prefer to have white spaces. Why is that? White is a color that inspires trust and it generates a great human connection. You want to use that to your advantage and it has the potential to really shift the way you think about the web design.

Photo and graphic mix

Creativity is key in the web design world, and mixing in graphics with some photos can make a lot of sense. You will need to go through a bit of trial and error to find that perfect mix, and the results themselves will be pretty impressive in the end.

3D elements

You want to bring in some impressive design elements and 3D aspects really help you make a statement. 3D ideas push the boundaries and really help you commit to the process as you deliver an extraordinary and different experience for all customers.


The website design doesn’t have to be perfect. That’s why imperfections are widely sought after, because they help people identify themselves with the website. You want to show that you’re different, and it will certainly help you more than you might imagine.

If you want to have an incredible web design, give these a try right now and we guarantee you will have a very good experience. It’s certainly something that you do not want to miss, and it will bring in a sense of value and character for your website. Don’t hesitate to experiment as you integrate any of these trends. Personalizing the web design is what really sets your website apart, so keep that in mind.