Mare Nostrum Says About Us

Mare Nostrum is a nationwide Conference of the Department of Mediterranean Studies (University of the Aegean). It takes place in Rhodes every year since 2010. In 2015 the organizers decide to make it a nationwide conference for the first time (so far it was a workshop). For this reason, it was considered to create a website. Webee has been the co-operating company after thorough research. Webee was the chosen company, because the organizing committee of the conference considered that the services offered on the basis of the benefits offered by Webee were exactly what the conference needed.

We were completely satisfied with the Company , and we continue to work together until today. Since the conference expanded, the site is the largest means of contacting the delegates and the academic community of Greece. Additionally, it is important to mention the amazing assistance of Webee personnel in our Social Media campaign.

The Organizing Committee, wants to thank Webee and her personnel for their amicable assistance on all the technical issues we have encountered, and we suggest them to anyone who wants a well-deserved effort on mutual cooperation in the field of web development.