COVID-19 Hotel Recovery Strategy

The COVID-19 pandemic hit many industries very hard, but the accommodation world in particular got hit the hardest. Lockdowns meant no more tourism. Some hotels were repurposed for lockdowns, but now that these start to get lifted and people get back to work, it’s important for hotels to have their own recovery strategy. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Disinfect everything in your hotel

If people are going to get back and travel, then they expect you to have more focus on disinfections. You want to implement the best safety protocols to ensure that there are no problems, and that’s exactly the thing you need to take into consideration. Preparing for your guests is the first step, then you need to think about everything else.

Post new content to the website

You want people to be informed and you should let them know about the issues and challenges that arose here. It’s never going to be easy to deal with this type of issue, so try to do that and the payoff can be second to none. State when the reopening takes place, what preparations and precautions you took to ensure everyone is safe and so on. It makes sense to create content related to the local experiences and destination.

Make the cancellation policy very flexible

There are still a lot of people that are afraid to travel due to the pandemic. You need to show that you understand them, so the main thing to focus on is to make the cancellation policy very flexible. That way if they choose to cancel, they can get the money back. Of course, you should also offer an alternative, which is pushing the vacation to the next year.

Interact with customers on social media

Your guests will have a lot of questions, and they will most likely address them on the social media page. You need to keep that page active and ensure that you reply to as many people as possible. Offer them the assistance they need, and they will respect your hotel a lot more.

Create a month to month marketing plan

It’s important to have content ready for your leads and guests. That’s why you need to plan your content accordingly and ensure that you receive the best possible results at all times. Adding in all kinds of informative content, bringing in deals and discounts will help you get your business back on track. Revisit your automated marketing campaign and adjust it accordingly.

You need to realize that it will take a lot of hard work and commitment to show people that you are indeed offering them an astounding value and quality. It’s well worth it if you know how to manage this correctly and without any possible challenges. Of course there will be tricky situations when it comes to reopening a hotel, but with the right planning, true focus on safety and great deals for your guests you will do just fine. Remember, you need to be flexible with cancellations and you should stay in touch with those potential customers anyway, as they will get back eventually if you treat them right!