Google Maps Rolls Out 4 New Features

Today google maps have one of the most powerful tools to navigate anywhere with ease. It shows everything that you want in just a few seconds. Will changing the world and demanding requirements, google maps introduced four new features.

Google updated features include messaging, insights, feed, and street view features.

These features enhance the clear picture of the area map along with the proper insights and feed for your business. Want to know more about these useful updated features? Just dive in.

Street View This is one of the best features that allow complete street view with various connected images along the street that you go to. This is available only on mobiles. Google automatically locates your position and moves the object images positioned along the path.

This feature helps you navigate to new places or streets more conveniently. Street View feature is available for people in Toronto, Canada, New York, Austin. Nigeria, Indonesia, etc. However, Google updates this feature even for all places soon.

Feed This is the community feed feature to find your business’s latest reviews, photos, posts, etc that are added to the maps. This feature is highly helpful for the people in the food and serving industry. As your business gets new reviews each time, it will get updated regularly. And likewise, your business may be visible to larger people.

So, make sure you add posts, pictures, other content to update your business profile often and reach more people.

Insights A few months before, google added advanced features to the insights performances. This special feature calculates the engagement of the customer with the businesses and lets you know how a business is performing on the web.

It’s adding multiple insight tracking features that show the various queries of the customers. Google collects the below information to increase your online business presence.

-Amount of searches for your business -Performance from last year -Search terms that are used by your customers to find your business -Number of times that search terms showed your business -People searching your business either from search or maps -Customers visiting your web from mobile or desktop -These are the few features that google has updated. However, a few of them did not complete yet. But it will soon update.

Messaging This is one of the best features, especially for businesses. This feature ensures easier communication among businesses and their customers. Messaging features are available for businesses who have verified profiles.

However, you can either turn on or off from google maps settings based on your choice. It is also said that Google will add a messaging feature in the desktop version. This feature enhances the businesses to communicate to the customers directly in search.

So, now onwards. You no need to click on the message button to talk with the businesses. Instead, you can directly start a conversation from google maps.

These are a few features for google maps to enhance business growth for online businesses.